A Journey With My Son

A marathon isn’t an event; it’s a journey. Runners who have trained for one of these grueling events know what I mean. You sign up for a race, then spend several months preparing for it. You spend many hours training while at the same time holding a job, spending time with your spouse, raising your…
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2π Saturday Time Trial

There are a whole lotta Red River Runners taking part in Grandma’s Marathon this year. Since the marathon is 8 weeks from today, our trainer Martin wanted us to do a 10K (6.2 mile) time trial. It so happens that our friends in Crookston were having just such a race today, so a dozen of…
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There are quite a few abandoned towns in central North Dakota; I was raised near one of them called Kongsberg. The road that leads from the highway to the community is called the “Kongsberg Road.” The town site sits along the Soo Line Railroad tracks at the base of an incline called the “Kongsberg hill.”…
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I’m Not Stealing The Mountain Dew!

Today I was at Target making my weekly run for groceries and other household items. I’m a creature of habit, and I usually place 12 packs of soda on the rack under my cart. When I go through the checkout line, I place the soda on the belt first, then place it back underneath after…
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The King’s Speech

The latest installment in my family’s movie review club is “The King’s Speech.” The movie won the Academy Award for “Best Picture” (among numerous other awards) which certainly piqued my interest, but because it dealt with a subject I’m uncomfortable discussing, I made a point of not seeing it. Since my entire family was going…
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