Beautiful June Day

I learned a lot about blogging yesterday! Tried to set up a blog with "Google" and couldn’t get it to work. Sue suggested trying with "Area Voices" and sent me the link. It seemed pretty easy! I want to be able to keep track of my daily activities, and share them with my family if they’re interested. I also have so many opinions that I want to share with the world, and this seems like a great place to do it.

Went to Weight Watchers, (or Fat Club as Carl calls it), last night, and weighed in at 195 lbs, exactly at my goal as set by my doctor. I’ve been distance running 3 nights a week for the last month, and haven’t wanted to lose too much more weight, but by eating more, I’ve held steady.
Sue made supper while I was at WW, then talked to me about this blog. She was very concerned about giving out information about our family, and at first said I couldn’t use her or Carl’s name. She wanted me to refer to them as "Wife" and "Son." After I promised I wouldn’t reveal any family secrets on line, she consented to me using her name. She reminded me to only write things that I wouldn’t mind the whole world reading…

I ran 4.1 miles after supper in 38 minutes. Had side pains for the first time, and cramps in my left calf were persistent throughout the run, and got worse each time I tried to speed up. At the end, I could barely walk the three blocks home. I will probably have to stretch my calves more between runs, and maybe wait more than a half hour after eating to run, for the side ache.

Carl was concerned about working today, and talked to me when I was already in bed last night. He had worked 4 hours on Monday for an area farmer, hoeing vegetables, and had come home exhausted. The farmer wanted him some more afternoons this week, if he was willing, but Carl told me that he would be just too tired to work on Tuesday! I had suggested maybe Wednesday and Thursday or Friday, and he had said "OK". When he came to me last night, he said that if he stayed up all night, he would probably be too tired to hoe on Wednesday. I suggested he go to bed earlier. He said he really enjoyed watching the sun come up, and would hate to miss it. I suggested he go to bed right now, and get up early to watch it. He looked at me and actually laughed! He said hoeing was hard work, and he would really rather not do it. I commented that what he meant was that he would rather have me give him money, than to work for it. He said he was only 13, and he didn’t want to spend his entire summer working. I said I spent my entire summer, seven days a week, working when I was that age, but that wasn’t what I expected of him. He said I only worked that hard because I didn’t have anything fun to do in the 70’s, before the invention of video games. I denied that statement, and said I thought he should work more than 4 hours a week, if the opportunity arose. We ended up agreeing that he would work one more day this week.

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  1. Sue

    Congratulations on your new blog! I do look
    forward to reading a lot of your “Growing up
    on the farm” stories you are planning on writing.

  2. Beckie

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! Now remember,
    when writing about growing up on the farm, keep the embarrassing stories about your second sister to a minimum! (Feel free to write about the other 3!)

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