Tonight after work, I boiled corn on the cob, and cooked hamburgers on the grill.  I weeded my peppers while Sue ran errands.  I wanted to try something new with my peppers this year, so I cut up some black barrels to put around them.  I thought the black would make the immediate area warmer, besides holding in the moisture.  The cages are there for support, and to keep Maxie out.  Here are some pictures of the peppers and barrel rings: 

I will keep you updated on my peppers, and all other items in my garden throughout the summer on this blog.  I really like to include photos, and Sue just showed me how to upload pictures off of our camera onto our computer, so I plan on including lots of them!

After I weeded the peppers, I took Maxie for a walk.  We went pretty slow since my calf is still knotted up from last night:  I plan on going running tomorrow again, so it better be better by then!

Sue told me a story tonight about this afternoon.  It seems Carl called her at work, and was pretty worked up.  He thought he saw something move by itself in the house, and was sure we had poltergeists!  Sue finally got him talked through it!  I will probably have a good Carl story every couple of days, so keep reading!