Farrah Fawcett And Michael Jackson

Today is definitely a day to remember celebrities from our past! The passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson make me think back at least 30 years to my family farm near Voltaire, ND.

In the mid 70’s I was 13 years old and starting to notice girls for the first time. By far, the most popular pin-up girl of my generation was Farrah Fawcett.   Her feminine image adorned the bedroom wall of every boy I knew. With her revealing clothing, long blond hair, and huge, toothy smile, she was a physical ideal that every future star would have to measure up to. My sisters teased me by telling me she was the world’s worst actress, and was as bright as a box of rocks. I didn’t care: She was Farrah Fawcett!

Now skip ahead almost a decade to the summer of 1984. It was my last time living on the farm, between my third and fourth years of college. I had met Sue almost a year ago, and we would end up getting married the next summer. My little sister Peggie was 13, and she had the biggest crush on Michael Jackson! We had recently gotten our first VCR, and Peggie had a tape with the “Thriller” video recorded on it. She had posters of Michael adorning all of her walls, and watched the video dozens of times a day. She had magazines with stories about him, pictures of him, and talked about him unceasingly! I imagine for a 13 year old girl starting to notice boys for the first time, Michael Jackson was handsome, talented, and maybe just a little dangerous. Well, I teased her and told her Michael was more feminine than she was, and his style of entertainment wasn’t even real music. I don’t think Peggie ever really cared about what I said: He was Michael Jackson!

Well, my dear sister Peggie, we both outgrew our childhood crushes and moved on to adulthood! It all seems kind of silly now, but I hope you will stop a moment, and remember the influence they had in our lives. They were icons of our adolescent years, and like those carefree summer days of long ago, they too are now gone.