Friday Night In The Basement

I was outside tonight, pounding fertilizer spikes around my fruit trees, when I heard the city sirens go off. I continued working because I knew Carl would inform me of the situation in a few minutes. Sure enough, within 3 minutes, Carl came running out the door yelling that we were in a tornado warning. I asked him where the tornado was sighted; he shrugged his shoulders, turned around and ran back into the house. A few minutes later, he came back out, with Sue, saying a tornado had touched down 15 miles straight west of our house, moving directly east. Sue and I quickly set to work putting a few things that might be damaged by high winds into our shed. Carl disappeared into the house, where he started carrying his X-Box and games into the basement “just in case!”

I headed into the house a few moments later behind Sue, to use the bathroom before we headed to the basement for who knows how long. Sue headed into our downstairs bathroom, so I proceeded upstairs to our second bathroom, to find the door closed, and Carl inside. All three of us had the same idea at the same time, and I was the odd man out!

All three of us, (and Maxie) headed for the basement, only to discover we didn’t have chairs down there. I headed back outside into the looming disaster, to retrieve three yard chairs for us to sit on while we waited out the storm. With seconds to spare, I passed the seats down the stairs to my awaiting family, who eagerly accepted the small items of comfort with looks of gratitude for my unselfish bravery.

The three of us (and Maxie) sat in the basement listening to the radio broadcast describing the approach of the storm. Carl became anxious, and wanted to trade seats with Sue, so that he could be in the center of his protective family. A few minutes later, after I described the safest corner of our basement to be in, should the house be lifted off the foundation, he wanted to switch seats with me, to be closest to the corner I described. Then he wanted to be in the seat closest to Maxie. Then he wanted to be in the seat closest to the radio. Then he wanted to be in the seat farthest from the window, should a tree be blown through it. At about this point, Maxie became bored with the situation and began to hump me from behind, while I changed seats with Carl, yet again!

I left the basement 10 minutes before the tornado warning was set to expire: I figured a tornado outside was less dangerous than the forces of nature inside my own basement!