Shish Kabobs

Well, it’s Thursday evening, and the 4th of July weekend is here for us. Sue took off from work today and is in Barnesville looking for a realtor to sell her mother’s house. Mike Jorgenson, my friend from college, is handling all of the legal details for Gladys’ estate, and he advised Sue it was time to start the long process of selling it. She is planning on coming back Saturday morning, so it’s just us guys around here for a while.

Today I mowed the lawn, and trimmed the edges. We had shish kabobs on the grill for supper tonight, brushed with olive oil and garlic. I cut up a yellow pepper, an onion, and had mushrooms and cherry tomatoes to stick on the spits along with the meat. Carl made his with about 4 pieces of meat to every vegetable, while mine were mostly vegetables. This was the first time I made shish kabobs, and I think I left a lot of room for improvement. The tomatoes were falling apart before the rest was even close to being done. If anyone has been successful making shish kabobs, I would appreciate some pointers!

Carl worked for the farmer yesterday afternoon hoeing for 4 hours. When we picked him up, he was tired, but happy, and a little bit richer! I sprayed my out of town potatoes for beetles: “They were crawlin’ with ‘em“ as Dad is fond of saying!. It’s the second time I‘ve sprayed, and I expect to have to do it at least once more.

Tonight, I’m going running after the shish kabobs settle, and tomorrow morning at 7AM I’m having apple oatmeal pancakes and poached eggs for breakfast at the church. I’m not cooking, but I will go and eat, and offer my opinions on the lessons that will be read in church on Sunday. I plan on getting my garden in town weeded after breakfast, and then do something with Carl. We may go to the pool, or the Dairy Queen, or both, or neither? With Carl, you never really know what he’ll come up with to do: It’s kind of exciting!

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  1. Peggie

    I have a yummy recipe for kabobs. I’ll email it to you this weekend. It’s one that our whole family really enjoys and has always turned out well.


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