Sandra Bullock

All three of us went to see the movie “The Proposal” yesterday, and really enjoyed it. There were parts that were so funny that I laughed until I hurt. Sandra Bullock is a true master of physical comedy, and didn‘t disappoint with this film. Very few people have her ability to make me laugh without even saying a word! Betty White also had a role in the film, and at times she stole the show with her ability to shock the audience. She’s always the seemingly harmless sweet little old lady, who delivers lines we will never hear our own Grandmothers say!  The movie had a well written script and hilarious locales such as the typical “cubical office” with all of the people popping up and down gossiping with each other while trying to avoid being seen by the boss. Overall, it was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while!

On a related note, Sandra Bullock also produced a little known television comedy called “The George Lopez Show.” It originally aired on ABC, and has been running in syndication on the “Nickelodeon” network in the evenings. Sandra also made a few small appearances on the show as “Accident Amy,” a role which made excellent use of her physical comedy skills. I enjoy the show, but Sue and Carl make watching it almost a nightly ritual!

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  1. Mom

    What a hoot!!! I like her too.!!! Who Knew? I eally loved the one where she is in a bueauty pagant, but is really an FBI agent. I will be looking for “The Proposal” when it comes out on vidio.

    Love to you from Mom

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