July Weekend

The weekend is here, and there is a lot going on, as usual! Friday morning is my time to have a hearty breakfast at church like Mom used to make on the farm. We had pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, orange juice, and coffee this morning, courtesy of Kevin Austin. All of the men had syrup on their pancakes except for me: I’m always bringing some homemade concoction for my cakes that is much lower in sugar and calories. Today I brought “no sugar added” cherry rhubarb jam. I used rhubarb, Splenda, sugar free cherry Jello mix, and “no sugar added” cherry pie filling in this batch I threw together. If anyone wants the exact recipe, let me know.

This weekend I’m helping several of our church’s youth raise money for their big trip to the ELCA youth gathering. I’ve become something of a legend with my “Italian egg bake,” and we’re making it this weekend. We’re meeting at the church Saturday morning to get the pans ready for Sunday baking: Then we’ll bake and serve the pans Sunday morning for about a hundred people.

Saturday afternoon I’m going golfing with a friend from college, Mike Jorgenson, at Lincoln Park Golf Course. This is my first time of the year golfing, and Mike’s second so don’t expect us to be setting any course records. Lincoln Park was my favorite course by far in the 1990’s, and Mike and I played there many times. It was restructured after the flood of 1997, from 18 holes down to 9 holes, and lost much of it’s character, but it’s still my favorite.

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  1. Mom

    Your father and I are happy you have so many different interests. Acually, we had no idea you were quite so versitile!!!

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