Supper With Olga

Last night our friend Olga took all three of us out to the Bronze Boot Restaurant for supper in honor of our upcoming wedding anniversary. Olga had a chopped sirloin dinner with au’ gratin potatoes, while Sue and I both had a top sirloin dinner with baked potatoes. Carl had a half order of onion rings as an appetizer, then a small prime rib with french fries as the main course. Sue and Carl both had soft drinks, while Olga and I enjoyed something a little more adult. I had a Coor’s Light beer, while Olga had her usual Italian Stallion with Coke. This consists of an Italian Stallion (¾ ounce Galliano, ¾ ounce Crème De’ Banana, and 1 ½ ounces cream) poured in an 8 ounce glass and then filled with Coke and ice. For dessert the restaurant brought Sue and I a complementary caramel sundae with crushed peanuts and a lit candle for us to share.

While we waited for our meals and sipped our drinks, we opened the gifts Olga brought for us. We received a large wooden bowl painted to look like a sunflower head, in addition to a small tapestry with a county fair scene embroidered into it. The tapestry came in a poster tube covered with gift wrap, and Carl was sure it was going to be a Michael Jackson poster!  He also told Sue that he wants to use the the 18" bowl for his cereal!

After we finished eating we went back to sit out in our yard for a while. I gave Olga the “Grand Tour” of the yard, while Maxie sniffed her, and gave her lots of her special “kisses.” We sampled the raspberries and a stalk of bok choy, which was something new for Olga, and she said it tasted like a celery-cabbage cross. It started to sprinkle as the evening came to an end, so we drove her home.

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  1. Peggie

    Olga sounds like a sweet and true friend to your family. Treasure her. People like that can be hard to find!


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