Green Beans

Tonight I picked my first green beans and had them for supper! Last year the rabbits ate all of my beans right off, so it’s been two years since I’ve had fresh ones right out of my garden.. I think pole bean varieties taste better than bush types, and they are the more steady producers. Bush beans give you all of their crop in about two weeks, so unless you preserve them or give them away, you will have more than you can ever eat. Pole beans start bearing later, so if you have a really cool summer like we had two years, you won’t get a lot. I tried a bush variety last year, but after the rabbit problem, I switched back to pole beans so I could fence them into a smaller area. Here’s a photo of this year’s patch.

If it stays warm, I should get a nice basket like this every two to three days, which I can harvest in about 10 minutes, and have on the table about 30 minutes after that.

Oh, by the way, we had hickory smoked hamburgers off of the grill and cucumber salad to go with the fresh green beans this evening!

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  1. Mom

    Angie and I agree, your blog makes us hungry!!!!
    Today I’m going to the Farmers Market, so hopefully I will be having something fresh from the garden tonight.

    Love Ya,


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