I’m Thankful For These Foods

Some of my friends on “Face Book” have been using the month of November to list things they are thankful for.  Each day they list something new, and it has been fun to see what they add each day.  One of these friends, Celeste, who is also a blogger on “Area Voices http://fatgirl.areavoices.com/,” has taken the opportunity to list foods she’s thankful for.  You may know her by her blog “Confessions of a (former) fat girl,” but she also puts a lot of information on “Face Book,” and it’s been fun to read her daily thoughts there too.  I’m going to follow in her tradition and list a few foods that I’m thankful for (in no particular order):  Ones that have made my healthy body weight journey a little easier.

1)    Fat Free Miracle Whip:  My mother used Miracle Whip in a wide variety of things from sandwiches to salads, and I developed quite the taste for the white spread.  The fat free version has 15 calories per Tbs. compared to 40 calories for the original.  I mix this dressing with vinegar as a sauce for cucumbers, cabbage, and broccoli, in addition to spreading it on sandwiches and mixing up egg and tuna salad with it.

2)    Fat Free Cool Whip:  Another product from “Kraft,” another staple in my kitchen.  The fat free version has 15 calories per 2 Tbs. compared with 25 for the original.  I eat fresh fruits every morning, and Fat Free Cool Whip is a part of every sitting.  The topping goes well with strawberries, peaches, raspberries, apples and blackberries.

3)    Village Hearth Italian Bread and Buns:  I have to have bread; it’s a family tradition!  I love sandwiches and toast, and this light, low calorie bread is an excellent choice.   The fiber Village Hearth adds makes it more filling than other breads, with half the calories.

4)    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray:  If you’re going to eat bread, like I said I love to do, you have to have something to put on it.  ICBINB adds a nice buttery flavor to toast with virtually no calories.  I also spray this spread on green beans, asparagus, beets, and especially corn on the cob.  Mom always added a hunk of butter to vegetables, and ICBINB adds much of the same flavor with a fraction of the calories.  It’s also great with any type of popcorn.

5)    Sugar Free Jell-O:  The third “Kraft” product on my list, and an important part of my lunches.  These little snack packs come in a multitude of flavors, and have only 10 calories per serving.  I enjoy one almost every day topped with a little Fat Free Cool Whip!

6)    Sucralose:  This sugar substitute is an important part of my daily calorie control regimen.  I add it to my breakfast cereal and fruit, and also bake with it.  It’s sprinkled on my coleslaw, beets, and broccoli salad in addition to sweetening my jams, jellies and desserts.  The pumpkin pie that my family gobbles up has only Sucralose in it and not a drop of corn syrup or sugar.

The items I just listed are all things I add to normal food to make it tastier.  I have a severe sweet tooth, and most of these foods sweeten things up without adding a load of calories:  A combination I find especially helpful!  I’m thankful and invite you to try all of them yourself if you haven’t already!

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  1. Thanks, Jim, for mentioning my blog! I love all the same foods, except the mayo. Lucky for me, I have never really been a huge fan of either mayo or miracle whip. I’ll eat in salads, but to put it on a sandwich…no thanks!

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