I’m going to do a blog post next week summarizing my year in running.  I’m already gathering up photos and thinking about which events to write about, and the FM Mini Marathon will certainly be included.  There were quite a few memorial things about that October race, but perhaps the most special won’t be mentioned as an achievement, so I want to write about it today.  I got to share the entire race experience with my running idol, Brian.

I’ve mentioned Brian in a few blogs, and he was the main topic of one I wrote last March:  Brian is the same age as I, and we both work at the Human Nutrition Research Center.  He’s been running for a few years, and he played a huge role in my decision to start running myself.  When he told me about running in a marathon, he planted a seed that grew into the belief that I could run in one too.

We both ran in the 2010 Fargo Marathon and each met our personal goals.  I wanted to simply complete my first marathon, while Brian was trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  He completed the 26 mile course more than an hour faster than I did, and I was extremely happy for his accomplishment!  His hard work had paid off, and it encouraged me to work even harder myself!

Brian convinced me to run the FM Mini Marathon even though I had just run a full marathon three weeks earlier.  We decided to ride together to Fargo on that October morning.  We even started out together at the starting line, but Brian finished well ahead of me and won a prize for his outstanding performance!  I have never had to wait around after a race for a prize, and found it rather enjoyable!

I don’t know if I will ever be able to run like Brian, but I too aspire to qualify for the Boston Marathon sometime in my life.  I hope to continue picking up training hints from this veteran runner, and to eventually elevate my performance to his level.  I have a long journey ahead, but enjoy his companionship along the way.  Brian is a good runner, but an even better person!  Thanks Brian, for everything!

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  1. Mom

    I am thinking today about what a great book you will have after the years of writing this blog. Wow, very few people have such a detailed life journal to read when they are old and want to remember the life they led. Way to go son!!!

      1. Mom

        Yes, I still have my old jounals. Dad and I have really gotten a kick out of reading them. It seems I was quite critical of some situations. (Can you believe it!!??)

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