Frozen Feat 2011

Runners train on all types of surfaces and in all kinds of weather.  Races, however, are almost never held in the winter, in North Dakota, due to the extreme conditions and slippery footing.  I say “almost never,” because Red River Runners Grand Forks hosted its fourth annual February race this morning, called “The Frozen Feat.”  Lithia Motors sponsored the event, and all proceeds went to the Special Olympics.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the turnout was spectacular with 208 people running the 5K (3.1mile) course, and 99 more taking on the 10K (6.2 mile) course.  I simply love the 6.2 mile distance as it requires equal measures of both speed and endurance, so that was what I signed up to run.

I’m proud to say that Red River Runners was well represented in the winner’s circle with Justin winning the Men’s 10K in 36:36, and Anne-Marie winning the Women’s 10K in 44:36.  These are two fine young runners!

I decided to forgo my new Yaktrax at the last minute, in an attempt to improve my time, and it paid off!  I set a new personal record (PR) with a time of 47:53, shaving over a minute off my previous PR set last August.  I felt fantastic and once again finished strong with my final mile being my fastest, even with the footing being slick in places!  I averaged 7:42 minutes per mile over the entire race:  A great pace for a 47 year old man!  My final placing was 16th out of 58 men, and I’m relatively sure nobody that finished ahead of me was even close to my age!  I’m extremely satisfied!  It was a great day!

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  1. Linda Ring

    I’m told by a runner that a “delicious” chicken noodle soup was served following the race. Who provided it? We’ll be there to eat soon!

  2. Mom

    How great it must feel to do something that few others can accomplish!!!!!
    I am as usual, very proud of you. I am sure my friends at church are tired of my bragging about my son and how he turned a totally out of shape man into a running machine. My only regret is that I can never come and see you run. Maybe someday, when you are about 70 some one on the national news will come to Boston and make a whole program about you and your running career. I’ll hang around for that!!
    Love to you from Mom

    1. I always call it my “Couch Potato to Marathon Man in a Year” story. Sometimes it amazes me that I can keep on improving at my age! I keep hoping that by working hard I will be able to improve to the point that I will qualify for and run in Boston some day! I have no doubt that you will get to see me run sometime!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful and enjoyable event! I’ve heard they do a race in winter in Santa Fe, and they’re usually running through snow. I think NDans have them beat for cold and ice, though.

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