I don’t like snowfalls or blizzards, and that goes double when they come in March!  A person is starting to think spring, after all you can see the words “First Day of Spring” coming up on our calendars, then it snows and turns nasty, and spring still feels months away.  It doesn’t seem fair and it brings me down!  I’ve always struggled with my mood each year as winter drags on, and on, and on, like it always does in North Dakota.  People always try to find the silver lining by saying things like “the farmers can sure use the moisture,” or “this bitter cold will slow down the thaw and help prevent flooding.”  I always shrug and think “yeah, right, this weather is depressing!”

I was running outside yesterday, with many areas starting to become somewhat free of snow and ice, and I was starting to look forward to warmer temperatures.  I woke up this morning to snowfall, with a couple inches already accumulated on the ground, and a fairly strong wind.  I grumbled my way through breakfast and showering, before bundling up and heading outside into the white crap to walk to church.  I caught myself slipping a couple of times on the snow covered ice, and it just turned my insides sour!  I thought to myself:  I HATE winter!”

I entered the church and went to my classroom, where I teach 1st and 2nd graders Sunday school.  I started psyching myself up; because I really want to be positive when I’m with the kids, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy today because of the weather.

I got into the lesson I had prepared yesterday for the scripture readings that would be heard in Church later on in the morning.  Today is “Transfiguration Sunday.”  For those of you who haven’t heard the story, Jesus went up onto a mountain top with some of his disciples.  While there, the Presence of God descended on Jesus, and he became as bright white as the sun, and God spoke to the disciples saying “This is my Son:  Listen to Him!”

I introduced the word “Transfiguration” to the class, and explained its meaning, giving them some examples they may understand.  I drew a caterpillar on the chalk board, then drew a cocoon around it, before drawing a butterfly, explaining that the caterpillar had been transfigured.  I read the Bible story to the class, followed by a little discussion, and then asked them if they knew of any examples of transfiguration.

One little girl raised her hand and said that God had sent the snow last night and had transfigured the world into something bright and white, just like Jesus.  WOW!  I sat there speechless!  In those quiet few moments, my attitude was transfigured by the words of a first grader.  I may be the teacher, but sometimes the children teach me!

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  1. Mom

    My Dear Son,
    How wonderful for you!! I’m so glad you shared this with us. Keep trucking, spring IS just around the corner!!! I can’t wait either.


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