I’m sorry if I’m in a foul mood, but I’m not happy with “Area Voices,” the blogging network I’m part of.  I really need to blow some steam, and this is the appropriate place to do it, if I happen to have any readers left after this weekend, that is.

Last Friday, Good Friday, I had a good topic for my blog all sketched out.  The group of men I have breakfast with every Friday at my church had a big program planned and we had a lot of guests joining us.  Sue even attended and took pictures for me to use.  It was going to be a really nice blog!

I came home, wrote my story, and then proceeded to fight with the Area Voices editing format for an hour, trying to get the pictures where I want them.  Every time I add pictures, I end up mad and frustrated because the “Word Press” program they changed to a few months ago is EXTREMELY unfriendly for us users!  I have a long list of complaints regarding “Word Press,” but I won’t go into that today!

I finally got all the text the same size (always a problem) and the pictures somewhat close to where I wanted them (even a bigger problem), and hit the “Publish” button.  I was immediately thrown out of “Area Voices” and couldn’t get back in.  When I went to try to view my blog, it said “Father Knows Last has been suspended due to violation of policy.”  It appeared I had done something wrong, and that my blog was gone for good!

I attempted to contact the nameless, faceless “Support” group, and was thrown out of that too.  I guess they didn’t even want to tell me what I had done wrong!  I exited “Area Voices” and attempted to send an e-mail to ”Support” along with someone I kind of knew on the administrative end who I thought might help.

I received a prompt reply from the administrator, who told me “Word Press” had decided my blog was “Spam” and had shut me down.  He said it had happened to him several times already, and there’s really nothing that can be done to prevent it from occurring.  He also contacted “support” about getting me unblocked.

Today, 3 days later, my suspension was lifted by “Support” and people can finally view my “Good Friday” blog.  How many people care about a Good Friday blog the Monday after Easter?  Eight people, that’s how many!  That’s how many views I had today.  All of my planning and work has been wasted because timing is everything!  That really makes me mad!

To make matters worse, the resetting of the blog erased all of my friends.  Now I have to go through and request friendships again from the people who’s blogs I enjoy reading.  Imagine getting locked out of Face Book, and then coming back to find all of your friends were erased, and you had to start over.  That really makes me mad too!

There, I said what I wanted, and who knows, maybe I will get suspended again for saying it.  I will now try to start over, and get past this unpleasant experience.  I will attempt to not refer to my “suspension episode” unless it happens again.  If that occurs, I make no promise about what words may come shooting out of my angry fingertips!

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  1. I’ve had a few frustrating experiences as well. I also have a Word Press blog and have never had the same issues on the parent site as I have had at Area Voices. I will now go knock on wood… 😉 Here’s hoping it won’t happen again for you!

  2. Hey Jim. Again, very sorry for the frustration these issues caused you. I will pass your concerns on to some of my superiors. So rest assured that your concerns are being heard.

  3. Naomi Dunavan

    Hi Jim,
    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I surely hope it is all ironed out now. It was really nice to see you on Good Friday morning. What a beautiful way Men’s Breakfast was was to start such a special day. All my best, Naomi

  4. stormchaser

    Been there, done that. I’ve had my blog since the flooding 2 years ago, and once I got kicked off, I lost it all. Friends, blog posts, pictures, everything. I haven’t blogged much since then.

  5. Hey Jim, what a crock!! I really enjoy reading your posts. I hope that these clowns don’t make that mistake again! Please don’t let this bad experience detour you from giving us your thoughts and sharing your experiences!

    Keep up the great work Jim!!

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