I Feel It In My Bones!

I can’t argue with my bones: They are always right! My muscles have felt great during this recent build up for the Fargo Marathon, handling 45 miles last week with ease. Well, ease may be a slight exaggeration, but I have felt strong during all of the long runs recently. My joints, however, were a little tender after Saturday’s 20 mile run. They were a little worse after logging 8 miles on Monday, which sent my brain a crystal clear message; get new shoes!

My Brooks “Beast” running shoes have been great. They allow me to run without any significant joint pain. I’ve tried different, lighter, shoes, but I always begin to get aches in my knees and hips, so I’ve always returned to my trusty Beasts! I just wish they would last longer. I get about 300 miles out of each pair, which may seem like a lot, but when a person is training for a marathon, it’s only about 2-3 months! Costing over $100 a pair, they are far and away my largest expense when it comes to running!

I always hope to get a few extra miles out of a pair, but I’ve learned that you just can’t argue with your joints. The pains get worse and worse, and eventually you think that you have to quit running, so you are wise to just go ahead and spend the money if you want to continue in this sport. It’s hard though, because the shoes don’t look like they’re worn out. The treads are still in good shape, the laces look good, and they aren’t even all that dirty, but the part that alters your running motion has been squished flat, and it won’t do its job anymore. Your joints start to take on extra punishment, and soon they are complaining!

I looked at my spreadsheet Monday night, and my current Beast shoes have 330 miles on them, so I ordered a new pair. I ran a short 4 miles Tuesday morning in the same shoes, and my 47 year old joints complained all day. My new pair of Beast shoes won’t be here until tomorrow, so I decided to get in a workout tonight on the stationary bike instead. Tomorrow, I will resume my training by running in my new shoes, and things will return to normal. I can’t argue with my bones: They are always right!