Last Minute Change

Well, it’s two days until the Fargo Marathon, and I completed my final training run this morning with a one mile jog around my neighborhood. It’s been an easy week of running, but the doubts have started to creep into my head nonetheless. My allergies have been bothering me due to being outside so much, and I woke up with a sinus headache this morning. My hips and knees are all a little sore from being on my feet all week walking on a cement floor. Taking Maxie around the area in the evenings hasn’t helped the joints either. It’s also been an extremely stressful week at work, and I feel completely drained. Will all these things conspire to bring me down, and prevent me from reaching my goal of finishing in less than 4 hours, or will I be able to overcome these obstacles, like I already have done with so many others, and make Saturday a day to remember? Only time will tell!

Tonight, I made one little change that I hope will get my head back into a positive mode: I changed the laces on the shoes I’m going to wear in the Fargo Marathon. Our Red River Runners Grand Forks leader, Stacy, passed out bright new laces to all of us last week in order to bring luck, so I decided to try them out. My Brooks “Beast” running shoes seemed to accept the orange ones I had selected, so I feel they were a good choice.

Look out Fargo, Jim is coming to town tomorrow night, and he’s driving a new pair of Beasts with a bright orange set of reins!

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  1. Angie Roehm

    Good luck Jim! I’ll be thinking about you on Saturday.
    I wish Fargo was closer so I could come and cheer you on.
    Ever think of trying the Trestle Valley Marathon held right here in beautiful Minot?
    Love you.

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