Back On Track!

I’ve allowed my body to recover several days after running 26.2 miles last Saturday in the Fargo Marathon. Mentally, I was ready to start running again Monday, but my muscles and joints said no. The stiffness had worked its way out of my thighs by Wednesday, but my joints still weren’t 100%, so I continued to watch my Beast shoes collect dust under my dressing chair. Thursday saw me raring to get out running again, but I decided to wait just a little longer: I had just completed a marathon after all!

Everything felt great Friday morning so I decided to get in a nice short run after work. Of course, then it decided to rain all day, and I don’t enjoy running in the rain; not even a little bit! By 5 o’clock the rain had stopped, but looked like it could start again at any time. I would not be a happy camper if I got poured on while 2 miles from home, so I decided to play it safe and run indoors instead and went to the UND Wellness Center.

I run a lot of miles at the Center because I don’t like getting wet, and I don’t like slipping and falling on ice. I also don’t like running when it is -20, or when the wind chill is -100. That doesn’t leave me many days to train outdoors in North Dakota, so let’s just say I know this 1/8 mile track very well, having been around it thousands of times! It’s somehow fitting that my first run after the Fargo Marathon would be back inside under artificial light. I guess my training is literally “back on track!”