Friday Night Grocery Shopping

I’m sure everyone has their own strategy for grocery shopping. I make one trip each week to Target, where I purchase roughly half of my family’s food items, and the other half I pick up throughout the week during numerous noon time and after work trips to our nearest grocery store called “Hugo’s.” I would like to be able to shop at only one store, but I am very specific about what I buy, and neither Target nor Hugo’s carries everything I need. Tonight, I made my trip to Target, and I’m going to tell you about it if you’re interested.

I have a certain expensive shampoo that I like to use, and Target has a “store brand” version of it that costs a lot less. I simply love that combination! I had a Target coupon for it tonight, and it was on sale, but when I got to the aisle, there was only one bottle left, and it had been dropped and was cracked and leaking.

I eat “Hebrew National” 97% fat free hot dogs on a daily basis after my friend Celeste mentioned them a year ago in her blog “Confessions of a (former) Fat Girl.” Target was sold out!

Both Sue and I enjoy the “Jell-O” tapioca pudding cups each day at lunch, but Target was out of them too!

Fresh strawberries? Not a single one anywhere in sight except for the “organic” ones that were like $8 per pound! South Beach Diet Breakfast Bars? Out! “Yoplait” light, fat free yogurt, in the six flavors Carl will eat? Nada! Archer Farms Cheddar Rice Cakes? I better try earlier next week!

I purchased everything else on my list, and drove to Hugo’s because we were totally out of pudding. Guess what? They were out of tapioca too! South Beach Diet Breakfast Bars? They’ve been out for a month! My favorite hot dogs? Hugo’s hasn’t carried them in the past, and they still don’t.

At least I got lucky and Hugo’s had strawberries. They were on sale too! I walked to the checkout, and one cashier was closing down. The only other cashier still working had eight people with huge carts waiting in line to make their purchases. This was going to take forever!

I returned my strawberries to their rack and walked out the door in frustration. Grocery shopping can sure be stressful when you’re as picky as I am!

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  1. Naomi Dunavan

    A fun read Jim. I know of what you speak — frustration when stores don’t have what you want. I can’t find fat free Miracle Whip in a quart anymore. Only pints. How are those South Beach Diet Breakfast bars? Pretty good?

    1. Target still carries fat free Miracle Whip in the quarts, and that’s a staple in our diet too! We both love the South Beach bars; Sue favors the raisin and I the berries and cream!

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