Raiders Of The Lost Ark

On June 12, 1981, Paramount Pictures released the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark:” Today, 30 years later, it remains my favorite of all time! The classic appealed to me for several reasons:

1) Indiana Jones was the perfect hero because he relied on knowledge as much as he did his physical toughness.
2) The Nazis were the villains, and Indy “hated those guys!” (along with the rest of us!)
3) The Ark of the Covenant was the ultimate artifact! I remembered it well from Sunday School, and the thought of discovering it in the 20th Century really brought it to life. The Angel of Death, also from Sunday School, was the scariest thing I had ever seen!
4) The special effects were far superior to anything ever released at the time.
5) There was just the right amount of humor blended in. Indiana Jones drawing his revolver and shooting the sword wielding goon remains one of my favorite scenes!
6) Discovering lost treasure was every boy’s fantasy, and many of us “older than average” ones still find it exciting.

I didn’t see the movie at first because I was attending Army Boot Camp during the summer of 1981. The day after I returned from training in late August, my mother took me to Minot to buy some clothes for college. Dakota Square Mall had a 10-plex movie theater at the time, and it was still showing “Raiders.” Mom told me: “You’ve got to see this movie; it’s the best one ever!” She bought tickets for the two of us, and we saw it together during an afternoon matinee.

Sitting in that theater, eating buttered popcorn and sipping Diet Pepsi while we watched “Raiders of the Lost Ark” remains one of my most cherished memories of time with my Mom. Maybe it was sharing the “best movie ever,” or maybe it was the fact that I had just returned home after being away for three months, but whatever the reason, that day was very special for me! Thank you Mom, for introducing me to Indiana Jones!

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  1. Mom

    Well My Dear,
    Yet another memory that I had tucked away for “someday” and somehow forgotten. Thank you! It brings tears to my eyes to think of those days and how dear you were, and still are.
    Love to you from,

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