Minot’s Angels

There are a lot of stories coming through to Grand Forks about the flood fight in Minot. I grew up in the Minot area, and a part of me still thinks of it as home, so my heart aches when I see what havoc the Mighty Mouse River is causing to all the people living along its banks.

There are already tales of loss and there will likely be more before the Mouse crests and returns to its banks in the weeks to come. There was an article in Yesterday’s “Grand Forks Herald” entitled “A City of Evacuees” by Tu-Uyen Tran, which told of the struggles currently going on in several Minot neighborhoods. Mixed into the sections, however, was also a story about some “Good Samaritans” from the Enbridge Pipeline Company. The Minot Enbridge office had closed for the day, and several of its employees were driving around the threatened neighborhoods asking everyone they saw if they needed help moving items to higher ground.

The story told of a man in a pickup, pulling a trailer, who seemed to be the leader of the “Samaritans”, and I would be willing to bet that this unidentified man was my brother-in-law Charlie. You see, Charlie works for Enbridge, and he is always thinking about others. His home is safely out of the flood plain, but I’m sure he’s working side by side with all the other citizens of the Magic City; doing everything possible to help his community when it needs him.

When disaster strikes, there are sometimes people who appear out of nowhere to help those in need. When a flooding Red River devastated Grand Forks in 1997, we witnessed countless people like Charlie who were willing to take time out of their busy lives to help us get back on our feet. We called these people “angels” and they were vital to our town’s survival. These “angels” helped me haul mud out of my basement back in ‘97, and now it appears they are gathering in Minot, ready for whatever may await them! Minot will experience damage, but the city will survive because of “angels” like Charlie!

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  1. Angie Roehm

    What a sweet blog! Charlie was out that day, with his Enbridge truck, pulling a trailer, helping friends and coworkers move out of their homes. A full third of all Enbridge employees in this area have been evacuated. Charlie estimates that up to 60 Enbridge trucks pulling trailers were out that day helping, but I like to think that article was about my wonderful husband!

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