First Food From The Garden

We had our first food from the garden today when we enjoyed a broccoli salad as part of our lunch. Vegetables that are picked just minutes before eating are at their best, being full of both nutrients and flavor. There is also something especially rewarding about eating food that you planted, watered, weeded, and picked with your own hands! Putting up a fence to make sure the *#@% lagomorphs (rabbits) didn’t eat it before I could is also partially responsible for this euphoric thrill of victory I’m experiencing!

I make my own dressing for broccoli by combining fat free Miracle Whip and vinegar in a mixing bowl. I wash the broccoli, and cut it into the dressing before stirring until everything is coated. I give half to Sue, and we each build our own salad from there by adding the “extras” each of us enjoy. I stir in some “Splenda,” bacon bits and raisins to my half, but Sue prefers just the bacon. Either way, it was a real treat for both of us!