More Blogging Problems

Area voices just seems to be having one problem after another, and I’m getting fed up with it! Let me tell you about some of the recent items that have me pulling my hair out!

In April, Area Voices identified me as a “Spammer” and I was suspended for using my blog inappropriately. I was eventually reinstated with the explanation that this type of mistake happens fairly often.

Area Voices implemented a new software package last fall called “Word Press” that has caused me countless hours of frustration. I knew learning a new system would take some time, and I expected some problems, but this is ridiculous! When I begin working on a blog, I lose some of my material almost every time I hit the “save draft” button. I’m not kidding! I will insert a photo, see it in my draft, hit save, and it magically disappears about half the time. “Titles” and “Tag words” are also deleted with frightening regularity. I could write a book about this particular problem, but I’ll stop now by just calling it an unresolved issue!

Part of the fun on Area Voices is reading some of the other blogs out there. There is a good system in place for making “friends” and being able to easily find and read their most recent postings. All of this went into the toilet a couple of weeks ago, however, when Word Press was updated. To their credit, this problem has been fixed, and the “friends” feature appears to now be working properly again.

If you look at my older posts, you will notice they are hard to read. For some reason, every apostrophe and quotation mark that I previously entered is being displayed as a series of bizarre symbols. I use a lot of these particular punctuation marks in my writing style, and because of this problem, my old posts are now just a collection of jumbled garbage. I asked Area Voices “Support” about this problem (and others) but they chose not to address this one. I guess in addition to losing my first years pictures, my first two years of blogs are now also fit for the trash bin!

Most recently, it’s been almost impossible to log in to Area Voices. I type in my user name and password, and the page ignores my request to enter about nine times out of ten. I sent this problem to their “Support” department, and although I didn’t say I had forgotten my password, they treated it that way and simply reset it to resolve my issue. I have responded back saying that a forgotten password isn’t the problem, but I don’t expect a reply until at least Monday, if at all.

I will post this piece if and when I’m able to get logged back into Area Voices. I hope they can get some of these problems worked out because they take away much of the pleasure I get from blogging. I truly don’t want to leave the Area Voices community because there are so many wonderful people, but I’m also getting tired of the constant problems I’m encountering! Please, Area Voices, get your act together and don’t let this good thing crumble from within!