A Marriage And A Marathon

Today is the 26th anniversary of my marriage to Sue. As I remember the events of that day in 1985, I’m struck by how fast time flies when you’re having fun! I also look at the number of years and can’t help but notice that it’s the same number as the number of miles in a marathon! Do you think being married a long time is the same as running a marathon? Here are my thoughts on that subject!


10) Both a race and a marriage begin with a lot of fanfare and at an exact point in time.
9) Both are timed, and all participants know exactly how long they’ve been at it.
8) Races usually begin with the firing of a gun, but on some occasions weddings are performed in order to prevent a gun from firing (think “shotgun wedding”).
7) Sometimes people back out of both at the last minute because of nerves or feelings that they just aren’t ready yet.
6) During both there will be people along the way who will cheer you on, but there will also be those who will plant seeds of doubt. These seeds can end your dreams if you allow them to take hold in your mind.
5) There will be areas of smooth sailing in both, but there also be times when you feel like quitting.
4) Sometimes you get injured during the completion of both and you have to decide if you want, or are even able to continue on.
3) In a marathon you know exactly how far you need to still go, but in a marriage you never really know when “til death do us part” is going to be.
2) A marathon is run solo, but in a marriage you are never alone!

And the number one comparison between a marathon and a marriage is:

1) In a marathon, each mile gets tougher and you eventually reach a point where you marvel at your own stupidity for even entering the stupid race and you want it to be over NOW! In a marriage, each year gets a little easier and you never want it to end!

Happy Anniversary my dear sweetheart! Thanks for agreeing to be my partner in this race we call life! I hope we have many more years/miles together!