A Sign From My Dishwasher

People see what they want in the world around them. Add in an active imagination, and these same people will never cease to amaze me. They pull out a McDonald’s French fry that they say looks like Elvis. A melting ice cream cone is a dead ringer for Pope John Paul in their eyes. A mildew stain in a bath tub looks like the Virgin Mary, and people line up to have a chance to pray before the blessed miracle.

When I hear about these “sightings,” I always shake my head and say “So what!” That is, until recently, when I had a miracle of my own come out of my very own dishwasher. I know it sounds insane, but I believe I’ve been contacted by an imaginary character who is trying to become a real, live person.

I purchased a few bags of “Splenda” sweetener several years ago when they were running a promotion with “Kool-Aid.” The “Splenda” came with a pack of “Kool-Aid” and a plastic spoon in the shape of the “Kool-Aid” television commercial talking pitcher. I used this large plastic spoon to stir my cherry jam last weekend while I was cooking it. I put it in the dishwasher, and when it came out, it was:


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