2011 Running Recap

It’s a new year, so it’s time to reflect back on 2011 and see where my running has taken me. I log all of my miles into a tracker called “Daily Mile” so it’s pretty easy to add things up courtesy of their end of year report. I ran 250 days for a total of 1,540 miles. That’s about the distance from the Canadian border in North Dakota to the Mexican border in the deepest part of Texas. That may seem like a lot, but one of my running friends in Grand Forks made the return trip too; topping 3,000 miles this year! These workouts burned over 250,000 calories, or 66 pounds of pure fat. Since I pretty much maintained my weight, I guess I ate quite a bit of extra food in 2011! Here are the highlights of the year:

Frozen Feat 10K on February 12th. 47 minutes and 54 seconds set a new personal record for me on this 6.2 mile distance. The warm February morning was ideal, temperature wise, and the running surface was relatively free of ice.

Fargo Marathon on May 21st. 4 hours, 10 minutes and 12 seconds set a personal record for me on this 26.2 mile distance. Temperature was not terribly warm, but it was overcast and incredibly humid with scattered rain showers. My stomach cramped up and I experienced “dry heaves” for the first time.

Firecracker 10K on July 4th. 47 minutes and 19 seconds set a new personal record for me, topping my February outing by 35 seconds. It was extremely warm and humid, even at the early 8AM start time, but it was fun running with quite a few Red River Runners!

Twin Cities Marathon on October 2nd. 4 hours, 36 minutes and 50 seconds left me extremely disappointed. The conditions were absolutely perfect, but for whatever reason, my body was too tired to take advantage of them, and I struggled the entire race.

“The Streak,” November 26th to present. I’ve managed to get in a run each day since Thanksgiving weekend, and will complete day #52 when I go out later today. With advice from my trainer, Dr. Short, I’m building my endurance by running more often and running a little slower in the process. Running outside with my friend Maxie has helped me achieve this goal through her (not mine) strong desire to sniff dog urine along the trail! I’m hoping this new approach will result in a personal record for a marathon this year: That is my goal for 2012!