Racist Blowhards

News Flash: North Dakota State Bison Football fans still dislike their century old arch-enemy, the Fighting Sioux from the University of North Dakota! News Flash: Some Bison fans still chant “Sioux Suck” whenever they hear the words “Here we go Bison, Here we go!” no matter who their current opponent is. News Flash: Fans of the University of North Dakota don’t like the words “Sioux Suck!”

So, what does all this mean? Is the rivalry spirit still alive in the cities of Fargo and Grand Forks? Do exuberant students sometimes say things without thinking? Probably both statements are true, but I’m still glad that NDSU publically apologized to UND for the inappropriate chants their players and fans flung into the air regarding UND’s recently retired mascot: It was the right thing to do! Are the fans at the University of North Dakota superior in intellect and sportsmanship to their counterparts at North Dakota State, as I’ve been told on a weekly basis for the past 23 years? Are Bison Football fans “racist blowhards” as UND Women’s Basketball coach Gene Roebuck told boosters at a luncheon last Friday? I have a little more difficulty believing these last two statements.

The worst thing about being a Bison fan in Grand Forks is that everyone I know feels they must convince me that all UND athletic programs and fans are superior to those at NDSU. What they forget is that I lived in Fargo for 8 years, and the fans there feel the same way about their Bison. Neither university has the market cornered on quality teams or good sportsmanship. I’ve seen good and bad examples of sportsmanship from fans in both cities, so I know firsthand that neither university always keeps its fans on the straight and narrow.

“Racist?!” This is the item that has bothered me the most about the “Fighting Sioux” nickname. The fans in Grand Forks can use the mascots of their rivals in humiliating and degrading ways, but if fans in other cities utter a “Sioux Suck” they are labeled racist. Bison are unintelligent animals, as are gophers, badgers, coyotes, jack rabbits, bulldogs, and mavericks. In my opinion, it is racist to lower the Sioux people to a point where they belong in this list of unintelligent animal mascots; even if they say they are doing it with “honor and respect.” Does Coach Roebuck perhaps mean to imply that the standards for racism have been raised, now that the Fighting Sioux nickname has been retired? Well, let me tell you: I was at the UND – NDSU basketball game last night, and the Fighting Sioux nickname is nowhere near being gone! When the fans at UND stop using the name “Sioux,” both at the end of the national anthem and on all their clothing, it will be time to expect their rivals to stop using the name too.

“Blowhards?!” Yes, Coach Roebuck, all sports fans are blowhards by nature, even those who attend events at UND. A blowhard is a braggart, someone who talks themselves up. All sports fans jump up and down screaming that they have the best team and that they are going to win. I’ve always heard, though, that it’s not bragging if you can back up what you say. Well, I hate to tell you this Coach Roebuck, but the North Dakota State Bison won the NCAA Division I FCS Football Championship on the day you believe the words of their players and fans made them blowhards. On that particular day at least, the Bison Football team “walked the talk” and lived up to the boasts made by their fans, making your use of the term “blowhard” quite inaccurate. The word that you should have used for these loud players and fans, Coach Roebuck, should have been a word that has long been associated with Bison Football: That word is “Champions!”

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  1. bill

    or, “racist, blowhard champions!” to my knowledge UND has never won a national title and come home to a crowd chanting about the bison. NDSU is obsessed with trying to live up to the division 1 success of UND. after another 6 D 1 titles to match UND’s, maybe those blowhards will have something to brag about.

  2. Brent

    couldn’t disagree more and I think that you are way out of line with your comments..I respect your opinion but what is it based on ?
    The Bison players upon landing in Fargo from Frisco – took a bus to the Fargo Dome and the first few words out of their mouth – after being asked-“how does it feel to win a national championship” – they replied with “Sioux Suck”….
    IF fans say it- so be it – if “glorified Division 2” national champs say it – after arriving in Fargo – SHAME ON THEM

    Take it another level – should the SIOUX hockey team come to fargo to the COLISEUM and bury NSDU club hockey team 44-0 – and drive back to Grand Forks and say BISON SUCK?

  3. Brent

    fargo went crazy went Bison beat Rodents in football this fall – like it was the super bowl – Gopher football hasnt been competitive in DIVISION ONE for who knows how long…..
    BIG DEAL that they beat rodents in football – maybe schedule someone else and travel to maybe Nebraska? Ohio State?Michigan? Michigan State? better yet pay them to come here and see what happens…..

  4. Go Sioux

    For Bison fans to chant “Sioux suck” today, after all the publicity surrounding the hurt and disappointment by Native Americans, probably qualifies as racism. It certainly does in the eyes of Native Americans. It’s why there was an issue with using the logo. For you to not get that speaks well about your ignorance. As far as being a blowhard, Bison fans have long bragged about being “years ahead” with their teams, UND would not provide a contest in football or basketball, and most recently wanted Alabama after beating Sam Houston. That is where blowhard gets it’s origin. For the record in case you missed it – UND just beat NDSU in basketball, Bohl has never beat The Sioux, and The Nickel still remains at UND. So… many of the UND fans would like to see the blowhards “walk the walk” in football, cause although they can compete with Kansas in hoops, they sure stubbed their toe trying to “walk the walk” in basketball at Grand Forks Tuesday evening!

  5. Go Sioux

    …..and sorry I neglected to mentioned the volleyball beating NDSU took from UND. So although light years ahead in all sport, NDSU is 0-2 this season. Do you know if their baseball team is light years ahead of UND also? Do they play this spring?

  6. Jeff

    Great article and perfectly said! The comments provided by all of the und fans is just proof of their ignorance and jealousy toward NDSU’s overwhelmingly successful transition!

  7. bison mike

    what happened in wrestling, and yes you have a hockey tean that is good and vollyball but your past coaches and ad put you 5 to 7 years behind every one and if you played a football team that is more than one step above high school just maybe you would get some respect

    1. John C.

      UND plays Texas Tech and Fresno State. NDSU beats up on a Gopher team that would be lucky to go .500 in the Missouri Valley.

  8. nobody cares about hockey

    118 FCS football teams. 59 hockey teams. No matter how much und fans think hockey championships are great, the fact is that NDSU’s 1 FCS football championship is more impressive than any number of championships und has won in hockey.

    1. Sam

      Apples and oranges. Did NDSU have to win 2 games over a weekend to capture their championship? Did their season consist of 40+ games? Can one player dominate a football game like a hot goalie can in hockey?

      There are arguments pro and con for both sides but the weakest is the number of teams in the sport. With fewer teams means a higher percentage of top flight programs because the best players have fewer choices/scholarships.

      UND had Oshie/Toews/Duncan on the top line and still couldn’t win the national championship. NDSU should have won back to back titles but were robbed at Eastern Washington.

      But the last I checked 7 > 1.

  9. gabe

    Gene Roebuck was asked to resign obviously. Could you imagine if Craig Bohl said that!? Roebuck is part of the pathetic UND elitist culture that tainted the once great rivalry.

    If people really think this isn’t bigger for UND than you need to put down your pipe. Rewind to last year. NDSU beats UND by nearly 30 points in baskeball. After the game we didn’t rub it in your faces or rush the court. We were happy we won. Fast forward to last week. UND wins the game and their fans rush the court. The coach called it “their biggest win in history.” Even the TV announcers were homers. Yes it hurts to lose but NDSU has bigger fish to fry- like the NCAA Baskeball Tournament. The loss isn’t a big deal. UND is good at home. No shame in losing to them in a close game. We would probably win in Fargo.

    UND is great if hockey. I’m not a big hockey fan but good job for you guys. NDSU is great in football. We’re the best in the country. Accept it.

    If we never play again I could care less. It does nothing for the NDSU program. We’re already at the top and I’m sick of dealing with the elitist UND fans. Why is it that when we lose to SDSU we don’t have to deal with this crap?

    1. John C.

      Because SDSU doesn’t care about NDSU. SDSU has USD back which leaves NDSU the limp fluffer in a sad Ménage à trois.

  10. Really?

    Wow, John C(rapper),

    You are a total tool. Any respectalbe UND fan should be embarrised if you are the representative.

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