North Dakota Outdoor Running In January

I officially started my training on Monday for the 2012 Fargo Marathon, which is 17 weeks from today. This week’s been very cold so I’ve done all my running indoors until today. This morning it was just above zero with a 20-30 mph wind driving the wind chill way down, but I didn’t care: I was one of the trainers for the first group run of Red River Runners Beginner’s Running Group.

We had a huge turnout this morning, with most of the runners planning on doing the Fargo Half Marathon in May. I was excited to see that there were 5 beginners on hand, so we headed out the door into the frigid conditions with everyone else. We walked for 90 seconds, and then ran for 60 seconds, a cycle we repeated 8 times. 20 minutes later, we all returned back to the warmth of Center Court Fitness Center, feeling good about getting started running.

I knew I would need warmer gloves before heading out on my own training run, so I returned home for a heavier pair. Maxie had looked pretty sad when I left earlier without her, so when I saw her sad eyes again this time, I decided to take her with me for my six miles.

Maxie has an extremely thick coat, and her endurance has been improving with each run, so I knew she would be OK for this distance in these conditions. We went into the wind for the first three miles, before turning around and having the wind blowing us back home. Maxie pranced through the snow, kicking her heels up, holding her head high, while taking me along for the ride while I, on the other hand, didn’t enjoy it quite as much! The wind made my eyes water, and if I had been wearing glasses, I wouldn’t have been able to see, so I was once again thankful for my contact lenses. When we finally got home, Sue snapped this picture of me in my mask.