The Super Bowl In Grand Forks

My name is Jim, and I’m a football fan! I especially enjoy watching the Minnesota Vikings and the North Dakota State Bison, but all football is good in my opinion. Unfortunately, I live in Grand Forks; a city that eats, drinks, breathes and lives for hockey.

Today is the Super Bowl, which unarguably is the largest sporting event in our land. Football is our national sport and Super Bowl Sunday is probably more celebrated than Independence Day. Each year more households tune in to watch this hyped gridiron matchup than tune in for the President’s “State of the Union Address.” People all over America gather together to eat, drink, and watch the football game along with the commercials that air whenever there is a stop in action. There are fourteen hours of pregame that air on ESPN, so even the most diehard football fan will be able to get their full of in-depth analysis regarding every aspect of the game. Newspapers all over the nation are printing the comparative stats of Tom Brady and Eli Manning. There is talk of the Patriots avenging their Super Bowl loss to the Giants four years ago. The Giants are dealing with the same lack of respect they received in 2008, when nobody gave them any chance of winning. This promises to be a good game for football fans!

So how does our local paper, the “Grand Forks Herald” promote this football extravaganza, and provide information for football fans such as myself? I opened the paper this morning to find out. The front page, lower right hand corner, started a story about the advertisements scheduled to air during the big game, like Volkswagen’s barking “Star Wars” dogs. OK… On to the sports page… What do I find as the top story there? “Increased Importance?” A story about how College Hockey Inc. is working on changing the rules surrounding collegiate recruiting of hockey players. It seems like some young men recently gave a verbal commitment to play hockey for the University of North Dakota, only to later change their minds, and decide to play in the Canadian Hockey League instead.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the “Grand Forks Herald.” They know exactly what their readers want, and are willing to supply them what they need to eat, drink, breathe and live for Hockey. The people of Grand Forks simply find a story about collegiate hockey recruiting more interesting than anything to do with any football game, even the Super Bowl. The people of Grand Forks are also more interested in the Super Bowl television ads than they are in the game itself. Those are just the facts, and I’ve come to accept them.

My name is Jim, and I’m a football fan!

2 Responses

  1. NewNameGuy

    Jim, you should move to Fargo and follow your love of a real sport. Football and NDSU Bison. Sorry about your situation.

  2. Mike V.

    Jim, there is this new medium widely available, it’s called the Internet, use that to satisfy your insatiable craving for over-hyped Super Bowl coverage. Looking in the GF Herald sports for anything but Sioux hockey coverage is like looking in Playboy for automotive repair tips, not that you won’t find tips. The mistake was yours and no need to write about it.

    NewNameGuy, please don’t move to Grand Forks, the air smells bad enough from the EGF beet plant.

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