The New Normal

Running has become a pretty big part of my life. A quick look back at my recent blog postings tells me that I’ve been thinking about running, a lot! Well, what can I say, there are just over 12 weeks of training remaining before the 2012 Fargo Marathon, and I’m excited like never before! I’m thrilled with how my training is going, and I feel that a personal record is within reach if I stay healthy, so here is yet another blog posting that has me writing about running.

I’ve been running every day since Thanksgiving weekend. Today was my 87th consecutive day of getting in at least 3.1 miles. In the past, I rarely had a week with over 40 miles of running, but my last 6 have all been over 40, and my last two were over 50! I’ve ran 326 miles so far in 2012!

My new trainer, Martin, or the “Martin De Sade” as I usually refer to him, has me running really slow some days, faster on some, and really fast on the others, giving me a well rounded workout schedule that has been pushing me to my limit. Now I have a well needed recovery week that will have me doing most of my miles at a slower pace, and my total should be under 40. Then I start kicking it back up again. I hope I can do it!

My weight has remained the same, although I keep thinking running would be easier if I dropped a few more pounds, but it hasn’t happened yet. I did have my body composition measured this past week, and the pounds of muscle went up, while the pounds of fat went down. It’s taken me three years of running, but I’ve now lowered my percentage of body fat to12.7%. I started out in the “excessively fat” category for men my age, lowered it to “normal” during the first year, and then entered the “fit” category last summer. I am proud to announce that I am now considered “athletic” in regard to my body fat percentage. Not too bad for someone who turns 49 this fall!

I like to think that this is the new me: A leaner, stronger, healthier version of the Jim many of you have known for years. I like the way I feel, and I hope I can continue down this present path for many more years. This is the new normal for me, and I love it!