Stay & Play Pet Resort

Our dog Maxie spent the weekend at “Stay & Play Pet Resort” while we were away in Minot. The best part about picking Maxie up from “Stay & Play” on Sunday afternoon is seeing how excited she is to see us again. The second best part is reading through the “Report Card” they fill out. Here is part of the report:

They always find Maxie absolutely wonderful, which is a great relief since although we do love our big girl; we don’t always find her behavior all that wonderful. We have started to read between the lines just a bit to better understand how Maxie really behaves during her time at the pet resort.

Last summer “Stay & Play” reported that Maxie was “such a clever girl” and that she “liked to visit her friends.” We guessed that she probably escaped from her kennel during the night and was discovered running around the other dogs in the morning.

This report stated that “Maxie enjoys being out with her caregivers.” We are guessing that either she was fighting with some other dog and had to be put into a “timeout” with an employee away from the other dogs, or she escaped from the play area and was discovered in an area where dogs weren’t supposed to be.

Maxie seems to really enjoy going to “Stay & Play Pet Resort,” and we like the way they interact with her too. We are totally confident that Maxie will always receive quality care while being boarded at “Stay & Play” and that she will also get plenty of opportunities to interact with other dogs and the staff. The “Report Cards” are a fun way for the staff to tell the owners that they enjoyed having the pets at their establishment. I feel fortunate that the people of Grand Forks have such a great place to leave their precious pets when they are out of town. Keep up the great work “Stay & Play!”