Pooch Poop Patrol

It was a beautiful March Saturday! I completed a short recovery run this morning, and then I ran my normal Saturday errands, which I finished by 3:00. Sue was in Barnesville, and Carl was busy playing World of Warcraft with a friend. The snow and ice were gone from the yard and it was mostly dry. I could no longer avoid the inevitable springtime chore that plagues all dog owners: I was going to collect the winter’s worth of dog poop scattered around the yard!

I lined my garden pail with a plastic “Target” bag, grabbed my flat tipped shovel, and stepped onto the lawn to begin the arduous task. This year I purchased a small toy rake that little children use to help their parents, and used it to pull the canine excrement onto the shovel. I poured load after load of fecal material into the bag until it was full, which I then tied off, ready to fill another.

Bag after bag of dried butt bombs began to appear around the yard as I filled one after another. Maxie frolicked around the yard as I labored, sometimes trying to play with me as I scraped up every little nugget of colon crud she had deposited throughout our short, mild winter. There were dog doo chunks that had pieces of plastic sticking out of them; obviously the indigestible remnants of her frequent nocturnal sorties through our kitchen garbage can.

Two hours and 13 bags later, the task was finally done. My entire body was tired, but every little stinky land mine had been cleared from the yard. After I had put everything away, Maxie celebrated the feat by depositing a brand new warm steamy offering right in the center of the lawn. Oh well; I have come to accept that when you have a dog, your yard never stays completely clean for very long!

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