Spring Clean Up

This coming week is spring clean up in Grand Forks. This means two things: 1) There are mountains of junk sitting all over our berms and alleys, and 2) There are hoards of people driving through our town looking for salvageable items to pick up.

I’m glad that the City of Grand Forks has spring clean up week. This allows homeowners to get rid of large items free of charge, rather than accumulate them in their sheds, garages and yards for years on end. I also don’t mind people driving through and picking up items they believe still have value. I guess all material things we own eventually make their way to the landfill, but if someone wants to delay that departure for a year or two, it’s got to be a good thing!

My only complaint is that some salvagers are quite careless. They see a rusty, 20 year old lawn mower on the bottom of a pile, and they just yank it out, causing everything on top to come tumbling down into the alley. They continue on into the next alley, leaving the rubble pile messier than they found it. Next, two salvage vehicles try to get through the narrow area around the pile at the same time, and one of them drives over some of the refuse, breaking it into smaller pieces, and spread it throughout the area. The sanitation department isn’t going to pick up splinters and broken glass lying in the middle of the alley, so there they sit! The maintainer comes through a week later, burying the pieces in the gravel. Every time the maintainer comes through the alley after that, for decades to come, little pieces of glass, cement, and splinters work their way to the top, making the area around my home dangerous and ugly.

There is my rant for the day! If you are one of those people who drive around and dig through other people’s trash, please leave the rubbish heaps as neat as you found them. We are placing these items out for pickup, because we no longer need them, and expect this junk to end up in the landfill. It makes us cranky when our trash remain in the area, buried in the gravel, and then turns up every time the maintainer comes through, haunting us for decades. Take what you want, but allow us to get rid of the items that even you find totaly worthless! Ah yes, it’s spring clean up week in Grand Forks!