A Day With Sue

A few weeks ago I asked Sue what she wanted to do for her 50th birthday. Did she want to have a party somewhere with family and/or friends? Did she want to go away for a night with me at a Bed and Breakfast somewhere? How about a weekend with Carl and me at a location of her choosing? After a few days of thought, she knew what she wanted to do: Take the day off from work and go hiking at Itasca State Park, so that’s what we did!

It may be a little difficult to believe, but we used to be quite the hiking duo before Carl was born. We traveled all over the area looking for trails between 6 and 15 miles that passed through forests or around lakes, and that would require several hour’s effort of hiking. Fortunately, Minnesota has its share of lakes and forests, so we always had new places to explore, but Itasca State Park remained our favorite.

We continued hiking after Carl was born, but after he became too large for the stroller, we just kind of stopped altogether. Recently, we’ve tried to get Carl and some of his cousins interested, but none of them seem to have any enthusiasm for hiking or with even being outside in general. Our outdoor life has come full circle, and now it’s back to just the two of us again.

Spending the day with Sue was extremely nice, but getting to spend her entire 50th birthday cracking “old” jokes in her company was simply priceless! I won’t share any of my clever age references with you in this space, but be assured there were plenty of them! Oh, all right, I must tell you about my favorite! When we returned to Grand Forks, we went to Sue’s favorite restaurant for dinner. While Sue was sipping on her favorite beverage, I reminded her that there were also benefits to getting older. I said that in a few years she would be eligible for a “senior discount” when ordering drinks. I think it made her day!