Father’s Day At Happy Joe’s

It’s Father’s Day, and my family wanted to know where I would like to go out to eat. Well, ever since I saw a posting on “Daily Mile” from a Grand Forks runner who calls herself “Librarian on a Run,” I knew what I wanted to eat on this special day; a taco pizza. It seems the “Librarian” ran 12 miles for what seemed like the 12th consecutive day, and was rewarding herself to an entire taco pizza. She even posted a picture of the delectable entree, with extremely crispy, fresh lettuce and the mere sight of it made my mouth water. I told my family that I wanted to go to “Happy Joe’s,” who in my opinion makes the best taco pizza.

The last time we were at “Happy Joe’s,” Carl had ordered a sandwich, so that’s what he ordered again today, while Sue and I got the large taco pizza, which was on sale today for the price of a medium. We enjoyed some nice quality family time while we chatted, drank our beverages, and waited for our meals to be prepared. Carl’s toasted sandwich arrived first, and he dug in while we waited for the most prized of all pizzas to make its way our table.

The waitress eventually plopped the pie onto our table along with a mountain of taco sauce, and we began digging in before she even returned to the front counter! We were hungry, and the taco pizza looked delicious! Carl finished his sandwich and asked if he could share the pizza, which of course was fine with us. Soon, all three of us were eating what had to be the best food in the city, enjoying every morsel of the crunchy goodness!

We paused to catch our breath with a couple of pieces remaining on the serving tray, and the waitress returned to inquire about the need of a box for the leftovers. We looked at Carl, who told her that we would finish the pizza. He looked at me and smiled, and my heart swelled with pride as I seemed to know what he was thinking: “We are Lindlaufs: we don’t need no stinkin’ boxes!”

Thank you Carl and Sue for making this a wonderful Father’s Day! Should we go to the Dairy Queen for dessert later on?

2 Responses

  1. Mom

    After hearing about your job problems, (from Beckie) I’m so happy you had such a great Fathers Day. You deserve it!!!

    Love to you from Mom!!

  2. Miki T-B

    I agree that Happy Joe’s has the best taco pizza. Happy Joe’s was the first taco pizza I ever ate and have not yet found any other taco pizza to be comparable!

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