Dinner With Carl

Sue’s been gone a lot lately to be with her sister Gloria, who’s in the hospital. Generally, when Sue’s not here, I get Carl fast food, and I make up a meal that only I like. I enjoy fish and seafood, but since it makes the rest of my family gag, it’s something I frequently cook up on evenings like this while Carl is enjoying his Burger King meal.

Today, though, when I asked Carl what he wanted for dinner, he said he wanted to make something at home with me. I asked him about steak on the grill, and the big hungry grin on his face told me the answer was yes! I asked him what he wanted with the steak, and immediately he said rice and asparagus. The menu was set, so I went to the store to get what we needed!

I had started the grill, and rinsed the asparagus when Carl came into the kitchen to join me. I showed him how to snap off the tough bottoms of the asparagus stalks and then lop off the tops onto a plate. The middle sections we sliced directly into the steaming basket inside the pan on the stove top. We started the burner then took the sirloin steaks out to the garage to place on the preheated grill.

Carl stayed with the steaks, to turn frequently, while I went inside to make our favorite beef flavored rice. Once the asparagus middles had started cooking in the steamer, I added the tops, so that they wouldn’t cook as long and get too mushy. I finished up the rice and asparagus, and Carl finished the steaks, then we threw it all onto the table and dug in!

Everything was delicious! Carl’s steaks were perfectly done, and we savored every morsel. Carl ate his beef flavored rice, followed by some asparagus, but I mixed the two together, and the flavors blended wonderfully! I had a large glass of water with my meal, while Carl enjoyed orange juice. We enjoyed pleasant conversation with the topics starting out about the food on our plates, but shifted to the rules of the road that Carl had recently learned in Driver’s Education.

We sat back when we were finished and complimented each other on a fine meal. We had both fully enjoyed our time together, preparing and eating, and agreed that the only thing that would have made it better would have been to share it with Mom. We’re thinking of you Sue, and miss having you with us. I’m sorry to say, however, that there weren’t any leftovers, so if you want dinner, you better stop and get something yourself on the way home: Your boys finished everything!

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  1. James R Johnson

    Congratulations on a good time with Carl! We had family here both Fathers Day and my birthday on Saturday. They brought everything for the meals and prepared them too. Nothing better than family coming and doing all the work! Teach Carl well as it will be handy when you are old and gray.

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