A Job For Carl

Our son Carl spent four weeks in Jamestown with my sister Debbie and her family, and returned last week a changed person. I have a fairly good idea what some of the major contributing influences were that turned our teenage son into a young man; but whatever they were, Carl now has a much more mature outlook on life than he had when he left home back in June.

One area of change has been Carl’s desire to have a job. We had spoken about this on several occasions during the final months of the school year, and Carl had successfully resisted our suggestions each time. When he returned from Jamestown, however, he had seen his cousins with their jobs and was extremely anxious to get one of his own. We talked about where to apply first, and Carl decided to pick up applications from Hugo’s grocery store and Happy Joe’s Pizza. When he saw that his best friend from elementary school was working at Happy Joe’s, the restaurant became his first choice, and that’s where he turned in his application Wednesday evening. Sue drove him to the store and waited outside while Carl went inside and spoke with the manager. They set up an interview for 3:30 the next day.

I left work early on Thursday and took Carl to his first ever job interview. He asked me to stay in the vehicle while he went inside, and less than ten minutes later, he returned and said he had the job. I was excited for my son’s good fortune, and gave him a “high five” in celebration. This was an exciting day for our family!

The next day we traveled back to Jamestown to visit my sister Peggie, who was visiting from Washington with her family. Carl and his cousin Jacob, who are inseparable when together, quickly returned to their comfortable roles as family comedians, and kept us entertained throughout the day. After eating lunch, and diving into cake and ice cream for my niece’s birthday, the two were still hungry, and decided to drive into Jamestown to pick up a pizza. As they were returning from their sortie, and pulled into the driveway, they noticed that most of the family had just started out on a walk to burn some of the excess calories of the day. Carl and Jacob, who didn’t want to miss out on the fun, but who also wanted to enjoy their pizza, ran down the road to join us. I think both of these young men have a bright future in the pizza industry, don’t you think? Carl starts his job at Happy Joe’s on Monday!