Saturday With Carl

This is another installment in the saga entitled “The Jamestown Metamorphosis of Carl!” Last week I wrote about Carl’s newfound ambition for part time employment, and today, I’m going to relate some of the other ways my son has changed during his time with my sister Debbie and her family.

Sue is currently out of town, spending time with her college friends on one of their frequent “Girl’s Weekends.” This happens several times a year, so Carl and I are accustomed to being at home without a woman in the house, but aside from that common thread, this weekend has been NOTHING like what we’ve experienced in the past. Carl usually declined every invitation extended his way to do some type of activity with me. He spent his weekends in bed, or on the computer, and rarely made contact except when he requested something to eat from a fast food restaurant.

This week Carl asked if he could get up with me at 4:30 AM Friday morning to help prepare biscuits and gravy for a 7 AM breakfast at our church. What a surprise! I didn’t see too much of my son the rest of the day because I worked 8-5 and he worked 5-11, but we did talk for about an hour, as he was too wound up to go directly to bed when he got home.

Saturday morning, he joined me running three miles with the Beginner’s Running Group. When we returned home, I went out for my solo “Avoid the Shiners 10K Race” and Carl did his own workout before getting ready to go help out for a few hours during “Happy Joe’s” Saturday Lunch Buffet. I picked him at 2PM, and after he changed out of his work clothes, we headed out to spend the rest of the day together on the town. We went to Scheel’s, where my friend Barb helped get Carl fitted into a brand new pair of Brook’s “Adrenalin” running shoes. We also completed the weekly grocery shopping with a trip to Target where we compared crackers, pretzels, cereals, salsa, vegetables, and fruits for the best combination of calories versus nutrition. This was a “dream come true” for this 48 year old nutritionist!

While on the topic of nutrition, we also talked about where to eat dinner, and settled on vegetable stir fry at China Garden Restaurant. Carl chose the Moo Goo Gi Pan sans chicken, and I chose Shrimp and Vegetables. Both of our fortune cookies had similar messages encouraging us to savor the journey rather than focus solely on the destination. Rather appropriate, wouldn’t you say?

We viewed the 6:50 showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” at River Cities Cinema with Carl enjoying a box of “Hot Tamales” while I ate a bag of cherry “Nibs.” We congratulated each other on choosing snacks that while high in sugar, were at least fat free. We returned home close to 10 and after discussing the differences between strength and cardio workouts, I demonstrated some of the upper body strength exercises I did when I was his age, including pull ups and dip pushups.

Saturday was a different kind of day with Carl than I’m used to, and it was a lot of fun. I’m sensing a slight change in my role as father, with my son currently requiring less of an authority figure and more of a friend and mentor out of his Dad. I fully realize that this is another stage in Carl’s development, and that it too, like all the other stages before, will change with time. Whatever the future holds, and I believe there are many good father-son times looming on the horizon, I am certainly grateful for the wonderful time that we are currently sharing together!

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  1. Mom

    What a great story!!! I know how you feel, having had a few moments of my own in the last 50 years. Children give the most joy and dispare in our lives, so its good to hear about one of the good times!

  2. Awesome. I know I am enjoying my son, who is almost 19!, more and more each day. And yes, the experiences are definitely different than when he was younger. I won’t necessarily say better, but definitely different. I have to say though, I’m kind of liking it!

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