Itasca State Park, 2012

My family just returned from four days in Bemidji. No trip to the area would be complete without a day of hiking at Itasca State Park, so that’s what we did on Saturday.

Sue and I were avid hikers before Carl was born, but have not been able to continue on a regular basis during the 16+ years since our son’s arrival into this world. A few miles here and there have been nice, but they were not the half day excursions we frequently enjoyed during the early 1990’s. Well, let me tell you, not only is Carl now willing to join in with us, he’s at the age where his physical capabilities allow him to easily keep up with his middle aged parents.

Our favorite hiking destination at Itasca has always been Hernando Desoto Lake, an extremely picturesque location four miles off the road on Nicollet Trail. Once a place we would visit several times a summer, we hadn’t been there since 1995, when Sue was pregnant with Carl. We decided to return there on Saturday, this time with Carl carrying our water instead of Sue carrying Carl!

We hiked the eight miles round trip, stopped at a few attractions, including Hernando Desoto Lake, and were back in our vehicle within four hours. We finished off the day in Itasca by enjoying our evening meal at Douglas Lodge, the only place to eat within the park. I think all three of us had an enjoyable and memorable time at Itasca, our favorite Minnesota State Park.

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  1. Mom

    Sounds wonderful, and thanks for the picture of you AND Sue!! We don’t see enough of her because she is the one who usually takes the photo. I guess that is something eles Carl is good at by the looks of this great shot. Love your Blog Jimmy!

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