A Day Of Personal Records!

What a strange, yet wonderful day yesterday turned out to be! I started out by waking up alone at 6AM in a Detroit Lakes hotel room. Carl couldn’t get out of work Friday night, so I left Grand Forks by myself with Sue planning on driving separately with Carl the next morning.

I made my way to the Detroit Lakes Pavilion to pick up my race packet for the Dick Beardsley Half Marathon and ran into my friends Mike and Stacy who were running the 13.1 miles as a relay team. They also happen to be the cofounders of Red River Runners. Mike joined me at the starting line as Stacy snapped this picture.

I turned in a PR (personal record) performance over the 13.1 mile half marathon even though the route had a few hills and the wind was literally howling out of the north. I not only set a PR, I smashed my previous best time, set just four months ago, by almost five minutes. I held a steady pace of under 8 minutes per mile all around the large lake and it filled me with confidence that I might experience good things at the Twin Cities Marathon in four weeks.

Sue and Carl didn’t make it to Detroit Lakes in time to watch me cross the finish line, but they did manage to catch me still floating on cloud nine a few minutes later. Sue snapped this picture of me with the finish line banner in the background.

We met up again with Stacy and Mike, and Sue got a picture of me with the heart of Red River Runners, also known as “el presidenta!” Please notice that besides wearing shirts with our logo on them, members of Red River Runners also wear pretty cool sunglasses.

Before Carl and I headed back to Grand Forks, and Sue went to Barnesville, we decided to catch lunch together in town. We went to eat at our favorite restaurant, the “Speak Easy” which now also has a location in Detroit Lakes.Carl seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere at the finish line, and on the drive back to Grand Forks he spoke about getting ready to run a half marathon of his own. On the previous Monday, Carl and I had covered 6.2 miles during a run, and we began talking about running in the Fargo Mini Marathon (half marathon) together in mid October. I told him that people training for a half marathon would be running nine miles this weekend, and that might be too big of a jump for him to go from 6 to 9 miles in less than a week. During the drive, Carl said my day’s record setting performance had inspired him to get out and do the nine miles that evening so he would be ready for us to run together in Fargo.

Carl got sidetracked, and didn’t head out the door until after 8:00. Sue got home around 9:00, and after we had talked about our day, I went upstairs to get ready for bed at 10:00. I had shut off the light, and was starting to doze off, when Carl came running into the bedroom, full of excitement. He asked me to guess how far he had just run without stopping, and I responded with “nine miles?” He said: “No, over 13 miles: I just ran a half marathon too!” I sat up in astonishment and asked him if I was dreaming because I thought he had said 13 miles! He beamed with satisfaction as he confirmed that he had indeed just run a half marathon. He then went on to add that both of us had set PR’s that day: Me for time, and he for distance. Yes; what a strange yet wonderful day yesterday turned out to be!

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  1. Mom

    What a great story. I love it that you and Carl are going to run in th same race. I suppose his goal would include beating the old man?? I think you must have been a good coach to get him in such good shape so quickly, and being so young would help too. I love you both, so I don’t know who I would root for if you ever competed against each other!!!!!

  2. Okay, I just got caught up on your blog and OMG!, your son is amazing. You are such an inspiration to him. How awesome is that. Thanks for sharing this story! You two are both inspirations!

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