My Many Faces Of The Twin Cities Marathon

I have quite a few pictures from the Twin Cities Marathon (TCM) that have either been shared by friends, or purchased by me, that I want to pass along to you. Here’s what I have:
This is taken by Carl in our hotel room about 2 hours prior to the TCM.I rode on a shuttle bus to the Metrodome, and met up with fellow Red River Runners about an hour before the gun. Martin and I headed for Corral #1 30 minutes later and began the race.We finished the first half (13.1 miles) and still felt pretty good! I had taken off my gloves and throw away shirt, but still wore my ear warmers. Martin was just warming up!The next 12 miles were the toughest of the race, but there aren’t any pictures to show. We passed St. Paul Cathedral, and I didn’t have much energy left, but the final half mile was down hill. We headed into the final segment hugging the right hand side of the viewing stand, where Sue waited for me last year, the cathedral now in the background.This time Carl and Nancy waited on the left hand, and missed Martin and I crossing the finish line, almost an hour faster than last year!It was an amazing experience, and even though my eyes are closed, I feel this picture captures the moment better than the rest

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  1. Heidi Nef Mischel

    I read your blog about running the TC marathon a couple of days before running my 7 1/2 marathon. I loved that you had a “trainer” to help you reach your goal. My husband decided to be my trainer at the Mankato 1/2 instead of running hard. He is training for Sacramento Marathon, so took it easy but pushed me. I have never ran sub 9:10/miles for 1/2 marathon before. I did not reach my goal of 1:55, but did finished with a pace of 8:55. He got me there and I would my made my 1:55 goal if I did not have a little panic attack at 12.5 miles.
    Thanks for your running blog, it has helped me a lot.
    Keep up the runs.

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