Boo Bees

I sometimes think I have it difficult as I train for a race. I encounter problems at work that distract me and make it hard to focus on my next workout. I’m tired from pulling weeds in my garden, and can’t run quite as fast as I think I should the next day. I get a poor night’s sleep and I’m in a foul mood. Yes, life is hard!

When I became a member of Red River Runners, I became aware of two ladies who work very hard to make running fun for everyone. Denae and Nicole plan a “Fun Run” each and every month that combines running with something exciting and fun, and these events reach out to people in our community who are just beginning their healthy addiction to running. These two are full of energy, and their excitement for running is contagious to everyone around them.

In the years since I joined, however, I have learned that there is much more to the commitment Denae and Nicole have for running. Denae has battled and beat breast cancer on two separate occasions, and her close friend Nicole has been at her side throughout these battles. Denae continued training during her most recent chemotherapy last spring, and eventually completed the 2012 Fargo Half Marathon, a testament to her pure will and perseverance!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and these two planned a fun run this evening to raise awareness of the killer disease. They called the run the “Boo Bees” 5K, and it nicely combined breast cancer awareness with Halloween. It also raised funds for the American Cancer Society, but what Denae didn’t know, was that the day was also planned to honor her individual struggle and victory over breast cancer.

Red River Runner President Stacy, who was dressed in a cow costume, presented Denae with a plaque inscribed with the message “For her continued strength and perseverance through the ultimate challenge. Her never ending commitment to an active lifestyle is truly an inspiration to everyone around her.” I couldn’t agree more Stacy! Denae, you inspire those around you more than you probably know! I hope there are many more October “Boo Bees” fun runs in the future!

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  1. Denae Grove

    So much fun tonight! I absolutely LOVE seeing the smiles on every runners face as they do what they love- push themselves ;). Thanks Jim for a great blog!!

  2. Mom

    Very inspiring story!! You have made some wonderful friends in your life, and these are a great addition! Love to you from Mom.

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