Running Through The Snow With Natasha

Most runners in this area start training in January for a race in the spring, and then train all summer for a race in the fall. Some of us run marathons, some of us run half marathons, but it means most of us run 4-6 days a week, following various training plans, almost continually from January through October. So what happens during November and December, when we aren’t officially “in training?” We run for fun!

Red River Runners is a great group of people, as I’ve mentioned in many previous postings. We come in all ages and from all walks of life, and are bound together by a commitment to healthier living through exercise, mainly running. We train together and we share the ups and downs that are a part of life for all of us. One of our own, Natasha, who ran her first marathon in the Twin Cities in October, had experienced some problems with her knee recently which required surgery. This was the week that her doctor said she could begin running again, so when she asked if anyone wanted to join her for her triumphant return, six of us showed up. We enjoyed a short run together through the freshly fallen snow along the Grand Forks Greenway and spirits couldn’t have been higher! In the photo are Jason, Natasha, Laura, Jessica, myself, and Anne-Marie, from left to right. The final runner who joined us, Holly, doesn’t like to stop, and was running around the block when this photo was taken. Welcome back Natasha; It’ll be great to have you running with us again!