Sharing The Simple Joys

Isn’t it just a little funny that some paper towels have printing on them? The roll we are currently using in our house is “Mardi Gras,” manufactured by Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Each sheet on the roll contains this information along with notification that “Mardi Gras” is a registered trade mark. I guess “Mardi Gras” is a good name for a paper towel because whenever I see footage of the large celebration in places like New Orleans, there are always countless people making a very large mess. Nothing says major clean up like the name “Mardi Gras!” I just wonder if the paper towel would be up to such a large task: I saw pictures of bulldozers last year pushing mountains of empty beverage containers down Bourbon Street!

This roll of paper towel also has little pictures of flowers, bubbles and butterflies floating around the sheet, and each butterfly has a circle of words around it reminding the user to “SHARE THE SIMPLE JOYS.” I mostly use the paper towels to clean up accidents made by our puppy Mitzie, and while I do think of her as a joy, cleaning up her poop and urine is certainly not! Come to think of it, all of the uses I have for these paper towels involve cleaning, and I don’t ever recall referring to that particular task as a “simple joy.” It does make me think however, that there may be people out there that find wiping up messes a “simple joy,” and I probably shouldn’t be keeping all this joy to myself, but rather sharing it as the towel suggests. Any takers out there?