My New Droid

I got a new Droid phone before Christmas to replace the LG I’d been using for four years, even though it still worked fine. It goes against my nature to discard a functional item simply because there’s something better available, but that’s exactly what I did: I upgraded my mode of communicating with the rest of the world and joined the 21st century; already in progress.

In little over a month, the Droid has become an indispensible part of my everyday life just as two of my coworkers said it would. I can now text easily, allowing me to communicate with Carl as he prefers when he’s away from home. In a glance, I can see the current temperature and weather conditions, as well as the latest forecast with one tap of the screen. The calendar has allowed my activities to be more organized than at any time in my life which is wonderful now that I have so much going on and my memory is not what it once was! The camera, which actually takes decent pictures, has already been used many times. I’m anxious to try the navigation feature when I travel next, as the potential uses are limitless!

The one feature of my new phone that is currently being used the most is a free application called “myfitnesspal” which I downloaded the first week. MFP allows me to easily record everything I eat while providing me up to the moment updates of my daily nutrient intake. After a few days of learning how to utilize the program’s many features, I can now enter most items I eat by a couple of quick little touches of the phone’s screen. I now know precisely how many calories I need to consume each day to reach my training goals, and MFP tells me how many I have left after each entry. I also have a little scanner on my phone that can read UPC labels on food packages and in less than a second download all the food’s nutrient information. How cool is that!

There are SO many things I want to still learn how to do with my new Droid, but as it is with anything new, it all takes time. For the time being, I’m going to simply use it as a new tool to help me as I train for my 6th marathon this June. I’m already noticing some improvements in my performance that can be directly linked to better nutrition through the use of my new phone with its MFP application. Some people swear that technology can improve our quality of life in almost every area: I can’t wait to see what it does for me!