I’m On My Way!

I could have remained at work into the evening, but everything that was extremely pressing was done by five, so I called it a day after only 8 extremely busy hours. I may pay for the luxury tomorrow by having a long day, but I needed a run more than anything, so that’s what I worked towards all day. When I walked out the door, the sky looked like it could rain, but the temperature was so mild I decided to risk getting wet and started thinking of some of my favorite outdoor short routes to take on.

I’ve been wearing my glasses for a week straight because the rat dander at work irritates my contact lens when I’m around it for more than an hour or two, and I’ve practically been living with the rats recently. Tonight, I came home, washed up, and popped in my contacts, because that’s the way I’m the most comfortable running. I needed a little extra motivation, so I dug out my finisher shirt from last fall’s Twin Cities Marathon, and threw it on over a pair of shorts. I have finished a marathon or two in my time, and tonight it just seemed important to shout it out to everyone that saw me.

My favorite short route is along Riverside Park, but since part of the area is closed due to high water, I decided to stay away from the Greenway, and instead run around the English Coulee area of UND. It was a nice evening for a run, and I got in a little over five miles. Nothing fast, and nothing long but it was a run none the less, and I felt pretty good about just breaking the ice and getting back onto the streets.

Every journey of a million miles begins with the first step, and I’m going to think that tonight’s run was the first step towards the Boston Marathon. I may have a million miles to go, but now that I’ve taken the first step, I’m on my way!