2013 Fargo Marathon

I love running!

I love training! My body, mind and soul all benefit from having a steady routine. Training for races has been the one constant during the last four years that seems to make everything else flow along smoothly. Looking forward to workouts and then completing them fill me with an energy than carries through into all parts of my life. Everything from my work to my marriage and family seem to be better when I’m training.

I love completing races. I feel great about myself after completing a race, any race, but especially a marathon. It gives me a confidence that carries through in all that I do. I walk a little taller, with a bit of a swagger after a race, although it may be a very slow swagger the day after a marathon. I know I can handle the problems life throws in my path because I’ve successfully completed races.

I love the anticipation of race week. Perhaps the best part of running for me is the rush of excitement that surges through my body each time I think about the big day. Because I’m tapering off a training cycle, race week involves very little running and my body is simply exploding with energy. All it takes is someone mentioning the race to send a literal shiver through my body. I get goose bumps on my arms, and the hair on the back of my neck bristles as I tell people about the race I’m about to take part in. It takes every ounce of will power I have to stand quietly at the starting line and not jump up and down screaming! The anticipation of race week is certainly the most energy charged part of running!

I’ve missed out on all of this recently. The only routine in my life has been: Work, sleep, repeat. My swagger is gone. I’ve noticed that I’m now walking with my head down, looking at my feet rather than with my chin up, challenging the world. The anticipation of race week has been replaced with the resentment of missing out. I’ve been asked dozens of times this week if I’m running in Fargo, and instead of exploding with excitement as I tell them “yes,” I’m hunching up and muttering “no.”

I came home last night from a stress filled work week feeling pretty low and sorry for myself. I turned on my computer, opened up “facebook,” and was greeted by a photo of my friend Jessica standing in front of the Fargo 1/2 Marathon sign. She has had a great training cycle, and it showed in her photo: She looked strong, but most of all her head was held high and she was beaming with confidence. I don’t know why, but the stress of the week instantly melted away and I smiled. I started scrolling down and saw similar photos of all my other Red River Runner friends in Fargo and it felt like I was there too. I know it’s strange, but I actually felt the anticipation of race week, and I was excited; not for myself this time, but for my friends who were clearly enjoying the fruits of their hard training.

And THAT is yet another reason I love running: The great group of people I’ve come to know through this shared passion for a sport. I feel blessed this Fargo Marathon Saturday for all my great friends who are down there running, and am thankful that I can share in their training, their swagger, and now in their anticipation as well. Good luck today!

I love running!

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  1. gabe11

    Great comments. I’ve ran it 5 times and the 2 years I missed, I felt the same way. Although I did go all out as a spectator but its not the same

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