Another Evening, Another Extraordinary Run

I wrote about a wonderful experience Tuesday evening, when a run gave my exhausted body an entirely new, unexpected surge of energy. I gave credit to the sun, the warmth, the wind, and the music for helping to turn that run into something extraordinary.

Tonight, I came home from work tired and in a horrible mood, and once again, I didn’t feel like running. I tried to convince myself that the same amazing transformation was again possible, but deep down I knew it wasn’t very likely. Ultimately, guilt got me out the door: I needed to get in at least three runs this week, although I had been hoping for four. On some days motivation is hard to come by, and we take whatever we can scrape up!

As I started out, once again my head was full of cobwebs and my body felt tired and sluggish. After a few blocks, my body began responding to the running, but my head was still full with a day’s worth of frustration, and that’s when it happened!

A block ahead of me, a woman came around a corner with a little girl holding her hand. The girl must have been about two, and she pointed right at me. As I ran towards the two, the girl kept pointing while excitedly telling her Mom something about this strange old running guy. Generally, in such a situation, I will simply nod a greeting, or give a slight wave with a couple of fingers, but something told me this was a little different.

As I neared the pair, I slowed way down and dropped my hand asking for a high five. The little girl simply beamed with excitement as she reached up and slapped my hand in passing! In that exact instant, my bad mood was history!

It was a different night and a different set of circumstances, but once again my evening run turned the day around. On Tuesday, the weather and the music transformed my run into something special and tonight it was the excitement of a toddler. Isn’t it amazing how these things work sometimes? I can’t wait to see what my Saturday run holds in store!