“Oh Oh, Jim Has A Bike!”

“Oh oh, Jim has a bike!” Martin Short

There’s something very special about my friend Martin. It seems like whenever he’s around, great things happen.

A few weeks ago he decided to run Grandma’s Marathon with Natasha, a friend who wanted desperately to run the 26.2 miles in less than 4 ½ hours. She succeeded! Last October he made a special trip to Minneapolis to run the Twin Cities Marathon with me, because I was beyond desperate to finish in less than 4 hours. I succeeded!

Over a year ago, he picked me up after I was down about failing to break 4 hours, yet again, and gave me some advice; run more frequently to get my body accustomed to it. I took his words to heart and embarked on what turned into 100 consecutive days of running at least 3.1 miles!

Martin spoke with me over steaks last fall at “Texas Roadhouse” about taking my running to the next level. He said losing weight would be the easiest way to finish a marathon quicker, so once again, I took his words to heart, and began recording every calorie I consumed and burned while exercising. I lost 15 pounds, and was noticeably faster before I became ill in April.

My personality has some major obsessive traits in it, so based on our history, whenever Martin suggests doing something, I go overboard on it. On Saturday, I was out for a run, and ran into Martin, who decided to join me for a few miles. We talked about losing weight and after a little debate about diet, our discussion turned to the amount of activity in our lives, and how to determine our basal metabolic rates. We are both clearly WAY more active than other men in our respective age groups, so calculating the amount of calories we need to simply live, based on tables, is challenging.

The more I thought about Martin’s words, the more determined I became to increase my basal metabolic rate even more. I thought about how Martin plays hockey, inline skates and rides bike, in addition to running. He burns an incredible amount of calories while building and maintaining an athletic lean body mass. I want to be able to do that too! I can’t skate, and I’ve never played hockey, so what’s a guy to do? I bought a bike…

In the first 24 hours, I’ve been on three rides totaling 36 miles and burning 2270 calories! Yes Martin, “Oh Oh, Jim has a bike!”