Marital Status: “Married To Sue Moberg Lindlauf”

“Face Book” is a social medium, but I’m not sure if they are properly dedicated to upright social behavior. I realize Face Book is out to make money, but yet doesn’t want to shove advertisers down our throats, but I can’t help but think they could make better decisions on which advertisers they do eventually choose to associate with.

When I log out of “Face Book,” I’m always greeted by an advertisement for an on-line dating service called Their ad a few weeks ago featured photographs of 14 attractive young women with nicknames such as “GamblingGirl23.” I did sign up for Face Book indicating I was male, and I fully realize most males would like to hook up with an attractive 23 year old who publically admits she possesses poor judgment, but they shouldn’t be targeting me. If had looked a little deeper into my profile, they would have noticed that I am “Married to Sue Moberg Lindlauf.” Perhaps Face Book needs to offer an additional choice under marital status such as “Happily Married!”

When I didn’t respond to’s offer to begin a relationship with a 23 year old woman who has poor judgment, they dug a little deeper and discovered that I was 49 years old. Using their full computing power, then came to the correct conclusion that I’m attracted to women closer to my own age and changed their ad to read “meet women over 50.” They didn’t, however, pay the least bit of attention to the part that informed the world that I was “Married to Sue Moberg Lindlauf.”. The women pictured in the new ad were different from the ones in their original, but still appeared equally young and certainly nowhere near 50! Was hoping that I was in the market to exchange my current 50 year old wife for one of their “50” year olds? Once again, what part of “Married to Sue Moberg Lindlauf” didn’t they understand!

When I didn’t respond to’s offers to meet 23 year old women with poor judgment, or 50 year old women that appear to be 23, they took their game to yet another level. finally looked deeply into my profile and noticed the “Married” part. Their next ad featured pictures of attractive 23 year old women wearing wedding dresses, with the banner “Meet Christian Singles!” Once again, what part of “Married to Sue Moberg Lindlauf” didn’t they understand!

What Face Book and couldn’t possibly know is that I already have everything they are offering in their ads. When Sue turned 23, she was an attractive young woman who had perhaps demonstrated poor judgment by saying “yes” to my marriage proposal several months earlier. Sue was also a beautiful 23 year old bride when she walked down the church aisle to enter with me into Holy Matrimony. Now that Sue’s 50, I still see an attractive 23 year old full of love looking back at me every day.

So, as you can see,, your services will not be needed: I’m very much in love and still very much “Married to Sue Moberg Lindlauf!”

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  1. Mom

    This is a “sign of the times”!! Everything is throw away, and try something,”better, quicker, bigger, smaller, sweeter, and maybe even naughtier!”

    I’m so glad that you have your head on straight, and that your fortitude and faith have been able to help you resist the many traps of life.

    Good for you, Son, you make me proud!!

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